The Story Behind These Stories

Do-Good Books is an online destination for parents, and their village, to find a range of empowering, diverse and inspirational books for children from ages 0-12+. 

When it comes to empowerment, why not start young?

We’ve put together a collection of books for young people that will inspire and entertain your kids. Let’s start a conversation about what’s important, and what they can do to make a difference. Let's empower them to be the best that they can be, so they can do the same to the world. 

Books Doing Good

Do-Good Books is wholly owned and operated by Co-Ground, a global community of change-makers (and trivia champions). Currently, Co-Ground is working yumi olgeta (all together) in Vanuatu, Australia and developing new projects on the horizon in the Philippines. 

All profits from Do-Good Books go towards education and development programs in the Asia Pacific region. By inspiring your rug rats, you're contributing to some amazing projects. Go team!

Check out Co-Ground HQ for more info, or follow us on your preferred social media addiction.