Our Current Artist Lineup


We have collaborated with artists from our vibrant sister social enterprise - The Brunswick Artist Market. Artists from the community have put together a range of clothing with amazing original designs!


The market is a Co-Ground initiative that's been running for three years (minus a pandemic break), and provides an avenue for young and upcoming artists to display and sell their work in a supportive and fun atmosphere. There's even live music! 

Check out their designs in the Studio


Pablo was a feature at the artist market for a period, but has since returned home to Santiago, Chile. Check out the rest of his bright and atmospheric work here.


Through her Bek.C Design brand, Bek creates bright, bold and quietly cheeky works. Based in Melbourne, apply your eyes to some of her other pieces.


Lily is an artist and graphic designer who's works fall in a spectrum from whimsical to evocative, but always refined. More on her work here.


Cheeky? Risqué? Wry Humour? Talent? L-O-D has it in spades. More here


Anna's an amazing illustrator who also plays a big role in making the Brunswick Artist Market a success every month. Her work is full of meaning and guaranteed to make you smile. Apply your eyes to some of her work.

Deceptively simple and full of understated power, Laiika The Label brings a wealth of talent to textile design. Add in some logo and web design, and you've got the full package